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Who was Bhante Dharmawara? Read about his full biography

Who was Bhante Dharmawara? Read about his full biography Bhante Dharmawara full name is Samdach Vira Dharmawara, he was born on February 12, 1889 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, French Indochina. He was born in wealthy family of Indochina. He was theravada monk and a teacher. In his 40s he became a forest monk of theravada tradition. He was an judge, but he wanted to celibate and monastic life. Dharmawara was also known for his travel, he traveled from Cambodia to India and Srilanka, using walking as a form of mediation.  He was an advocate of chromotherapy, according to Dharmawara, disease results when particular organ of body losses it colour intensity, he also argued that everything emanate colour and every body organ correspond to a particular colour. The colours which was advocated by him was green, yellow and blue, he used advice people to avoid red colour. He was also the lecturer of chromotherapy in John G. Bennett's International Academy for continuous education which was located