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Shahrukh Khan VS Salman Khan Networth: Who is More Richer Amongst Them

Shahrukh Khan vs Salman Khan Net Worth: Who is More Richer Amongst Them? The two king Khan's of Bollywood Cinema are Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. In this article we will see who is more richer amongst them. Shahrukh Khan is denoted as the King of Romance in Bollywood cinema. He has done over 90 movies since his acting debut career in the Bollywood Cinema. His film Deewan released on 1992 marked his Bollywood debut.  Initially he started off with Television and later joined Bollywood Cinema. Being an outsider and now a  self made  mega superstar, Shahrukh Khan has come a long way. Shahrukh Khan Networth Looking at Shahrukh Khan's Networth, Shahrukh Khan has a Networth of Rs. 6,300 Crores approximately. He is among the top listed highest paying actor approximately. He charges Rs150 crores- 250 crores fee per movie. His other source of income includes guest appearances and commercial advertisements. Shahrukh Khan charges a whopping amount of Rs 3-10 crores for his per ad. Th